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AARP Online Fitness is a new digital fitness program offers access to live and on-demand classes on nutrition, fitness, sleep and more.
The way Gretchen Reynolds kicked off her recent New York Times article made me jump for joy - then jump into my jog togs:
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My husband calls me the Queen of Empiricism: I don't believe something works until I try it myself.
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By now we're all familiar with the golden rules for keeping our skin from aging prematurely: Use sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), exfoliate, moisturize, use a retinol product, get enough sleep, eat well and don't drink too much alcohol.
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According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, we lose 1 percent of bone mass every year after 50. In fact, for some of us, especially women, bone loss can happen very quickly, causing us to lose up to 20 percent of our bone density during the five to seven years following menopause, paving the…
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I love to run. I run to clear my head, burn calories, strengthen my lower body . . . and it just feels good.
After turning 50, I made a life-changing decision to never again focus on numbers that are irrelevant to my happiness, health and well-being, and only embrace those that are.
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Recently, I went to a lecture about women, aging and self-esteem. It was disconcerting.
scared-woman for belly fat article
There's a kind of fat that can creep up on us as we age that is so awful, even its name sounds sneaky and mean.
50 percent
Losing weight and getting back in shape isn't always easy after 50. But I learned something new a few years ago after packing on almost 15 (and counting) post-menopausal pounds: it's far from impossible. What's more, I found a three-part solution that works:
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