flu season

Health officials are preparing for a long winter as COVID-19, the flu and other viruses circulate while COVID booster and flu shot uptakes lag.
Normally during flu season the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lets us know the good and bad news, tracking how fast the flu is spreading, how severe it is and how well those flu shots are working. The information is especially important for figuring out next year's batch…
Woman Blowing Nose
Here's hoping you haven't procrastinated (like me) and have gotten your flu shot. If not, this is your (and my) last chance to get protected before flu season is in full swing.
Why is it that some people seem to sail through cold and flu season without a sniffle, while others can count on always catching that winter cold/flu/virus?
How can you tell summer is over? Pharmacies are pushing flu shots.
Shaarp Session gets sick and remembers how important a flu shot is.
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