Fran Drescher

Now here's a new kind of hoopla.  Fran Drescher's "Happy Divorced" launches its second season Wednesday (3/7), preceded by Fran's officiating at a same sex wedding in New York City the day before.  The grooms are winners of her "'Love Is Love' Gay Marriage Contest."  Here's hoping she laughs that insane honking laugh of hers at some point in the ceremony, which will be followed by a reception including such niceties as a cake by renowned baker Sylvia Weinstock   It's the sweet taste of success that Drescher and her former husband, Executive Producer Peter Marc Jacobson, are savoring today.  Their TV Land show has been swamped with so much positive mail, Jacobson says, "I should have come out sooner."
Our favorite Nanny, Fran Drescher, has been busy lately - she just got back from visiting Europe as the United States' envoy for women's health issues.
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