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Last week, AARP announced the launch of “ The Perfect Scam”, a weekly podcast profiling America’s most shocking consumer scam stories.
senior man grandfather holding piggy bank looking suspicious trying to protect his savings from being stolen
Rerun rip-offs are nothing new; what’s previously worked for scammers will likely be successful again. And that holds especially true for these three longtime (and historically prosperous) ploys that have resurfaced with a vengeance:
Security sign in the hand of the engineer.
Simple steps can go a long way in protecting your privacy from prying eyes, including those belonging to on-the-lookout scammers. Here are some of the easiest and (usually) free safeguards to reduce your risk of scams, hacking and other dastardly deeds.
Handsome man enjoying games and vr
If “smart toys” are on the holiday wish list of the children in your life, know this: The FBI warns that such interactive, internet-connected gifts could be compromised by cyber hackers, and it advises that security precautions be taken before playtime begins.
Entering the room
Although not new, hotel “resort fees” and surcharges are higher than ever — predicted to generate a record $2.7 billion this year — and now include previous freebies: parking, holding luggage, early cancellation or checkout, “restocking” of those already overpriced minibar snacks and beverages, and even the privilege of having (but not necessarily opening) a hotel room safe. Other charges include so-called resort fees for services and amenities offered by hotels, even when not used by individual guests: gyms, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, fax services, automatic gratuities for staff, and “complimentary” newspapers and coffee.
Close-up woman hand using Facebook app on iPhone 7
These days, it may be wiser to use the phone rather than Facebook to communicate with your friends. That’s because of a fast-growing scam on Facebook Messenger that uses your friends to hack your account — and devices.
Man inserting a bank Credit Card in a pay phone
Skimming fraud has been around for more than a decade, and continues to evolve. Today’s skimmers – illegal card-reading devices placed on ATMs, gas pumps and other public-area machines that process debit cards – are stealthier and more sophisticated than ever.
Clown Water Gun Balloon Game
Heading to a summer carnival or state fair? Don’t worry so much about looking foolish carrying an oversized stuffed teddy bear en route to that funnel cake feast. The bigger concern should be in feeling foolish after dropping a wad of cash trying to win that plushy prize, but winding up with empty hands and pockets.
Parking Ticket On Car's Windshield
There are many routes to a ripoff, including several schemes that can occur when you park your car:
Internet crime and electronic banking security
According to the cybersecurity company Symantec — known for its Norton and LifeLock products — cyber criminals reached “new levels of ambition” last year.
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