In Celebration Of Candy(land)

(Ted Weinstein/SFist) While we were all talking about health care reform, Hasbro’s Candyland turned 60. Now I know health care reform is important, but everyone needs a break sometimes. In honor of the momentous event, San Francisco’s famous, curvy Lombard Street was turned into a twisting, turning rainbow of fun. You can check out more photos of the event here and a great video of the event here from Associated Press (also some history on the game in the video).

Video Games for Grownups is Back!

While you’re staying indoors to beat the summer heat, might as well get your game-on! AARP has released the Video Games for Grownups: Summer 2009 list, and it’s not to miss. Some highlighted games for all ages: Hasbro Family Night (Hasbro) The Maw (Twisted Pixel Games) Stoked (Destineer) And the list goes on. Check ’em all out!