Three women standing together on a pickleball court
Skin and hair aren’t the only things that physically change as we age. Aging also shrinks our brain size, which can affect memory and thinking skills.
Ronnie Gardstein dons her gardening gloves and pulls her pruning shears out of her gardening bag. A beautiful and overgrown pendula, or weeping hornbeam, is in her sights. She sits in the middle of the U.S. National Arboretum’s Asian Collections, eager to begin her volunteer work on a beautiful…
Lavender blooms
My wife and I took a nature walk on the southern slope of the Santa Monica Mountains shortly after a brush fire had ravaged the earth and turned the blackened branches of the laurel sumac trees into hands that clawed at the darkening sky. It was a scene right out of Dante's Inferno, tempered by the…
Not a big fan of exercising at the gym or in a class? No problem! You can get similar health benefits from gardening, mowing the lawn or housework, says a new study of nearly 4,000 60-year-olds.
Updated Cheap Life Gardening screen grab -- only visible in home page or categories
Check out this week's episode of my weekly AARP web show on YouTube for some money-saving gardening tips and a chance to win a $50 gift card. Be sure to subscribe to the show (it's FREE and easy - just click on the "subscribe" icon and follow the prompts), that way you'll be eligible for a shot at…
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"What do you do to get the kids to like stuff like kale? Or radishes?" I asked. Ms. Denise immediately begins shaking her head in protest, with a huge grin on her face. "If they take the seed and plant it. If they grow it. If they see it every day while they're out on the playground. If they walk…
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on the Aeroponic Rooftop Garden
Happy Friday! Jenn here to tell you about one of our latest community projects that has just come to fruition (literally, haha) - the Aeoroponic roof garden for good!
Like many retirees, Hiram Stuart "H.S." Stevens Jr. didn't quite know how to quit working. Fortunately, he found a second career even more fulfilling than his first.
yeager photo gardening blog mem day week
Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and - depending on what you grow - maybe even save on your grocery bill. But what if your green thumb is bigger than the space you have available to plant the garden of your dreams this summer? Consider these options for getting a…
Photo 12 - Flower Pot Bread
Springtime is gardening time, and here's a clever garden-themed repurposing tip:  Bake cute, individual servings of fresh bread in clay flowerpots, like those pictured here.
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