3 Gas Savings Tips You Should Try

With a gallon of gas now costing more than a gallon of milk in most parts of the country, everybody’s looking for ways to get more miles to the gallon and keep more money in their wallets.  Of course we’ve all heard the list of these gas-saving tips that can really help cut your fuel expenses:  drive less by consolidating trips whenever possible; keep your car tuned up and your tires properly inflated; slow down and avoid sudden starts and …

The Takeaway: Jack McKeon; Foods that Make You Fat; Wellness Visits

Is the “apple of the earth” bad for you? Potatoes, the go-to starch for many Americans, can add pounds over time, a new Harvard study reveals.  In fact one extra serving “was found to cause more weight gain than downing an additional 12-ounce can of a sugary drink or taking an extra helping of red or processed meats.” The study, published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine, also examined how losing weight isn’t as simple as “eat less, exercise …

News To Know: Dealing With Your Gas Problem

Despite falling gas prices, Americans are remaining frugal at the pump.

Gas Prices Rise and We’re Going Green

People are walking, biking and riding the bus more – but are cities ready for this influx of "green" commuters?

News To Know: Squeeze The Most Value At The Pump

With gas prices still through the roof, many people are trying to find ways to get the most from a tank of gas. Submitting your gas-saving strategies to AARP could make you eligible to win a $50 gas card.

News To Know: Unexpected Consequences

Aside from high gas prices, an increase in fuel costs can haven unforseen consequences that need to be taken into account.