Boomers Once Led the World in Education. What Happened?

In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States had the best-educated young people in the world, or pretty close to it. But a disturbing new report from the Council on Foreign Relations says that the generations who’ve followed the boomers haven’t been able to maintain that global edge – and that, as a result, America’s ability to compete economically is suffering as well. Related: Are We Teaching Our Next Generation the Right Stuff? The council, a nonpartisan think tank whose …

Young People Say They’ll Do Better Than Their Parents

A generation of pessimists has spawned an enthusiastically upbeat generation of kids. A newly released Gallup Poll shows that only 5 percent of the children interviewed thought it was unlikely they would not have a better life than their parents. Adults surveyed last month for the USA/Today Gallup poll were split evenly on their hopes for the future of their children. A full 43 percent of the children polled, grades 5 through 12, thought it was very likely they would do …

Hiring Managers Prefer Older Workers to Millennials

Employers would rather hire workers over 50 than those under 30, according to a new survey. Hiringmanagers said "mature workers" were more reliable, more professional and had better writing skills, among other benefits. Younger workers were seen as having a less positive work ethic and being less skilled at time management. They did have the edge, however, when it came to creativity and technological savvy.

Gen X and Y Saving More, Earlier Than Boomer Parents

Call it generational rebellion at its finest: It seems all the gloomy retirement forecasting for boomers has been inspiring their kids to save more. Workers in Gen X and Gen Y are both starting retirement savings earlier and more likely to make automatic contributions than members of the boomer generation, according to a new survey.