Senior woman (60s) at ophthalmologist's office for eye exam, looking into retina scanner.
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A. Peter Bailey, a noted journalist in Washington, had worn glasses since he was 21 — for more than 50 years. But gradually, even with glasses, his vision became dim and he could hardly see people from a distance.
Senior woman applying eye drops
Hoy les quiero comentar sobre la glaucoma, ya que enero es el mes de la concientización sobre esta silenciosa enfermedad de la vista.
Mi esposo Manuel siempre ha hecho lo posible por manejar de la mejor manera su condición de diabetes tipo 1, que padece desde que era un niño. Sin embargo, dicen que la diabetes es una condición crónica muy traicionera, que va erosionando poquito a poquito, perniciosamente, el cuerpo de maneras a…
Jane Ubell-Meyer
Ready-made reading glasses, or “readers,” have become a favorite impulse buy for women age 50-plus. They make us look cooler, smarter and sexier without once subjecting us to the latest diet fad or clothing trend.
Do you really need to have your eyes dilated with eyedrops at your annual eye exam?  Short answer: Yes, you should - especially as you get older or if you are at risk for eye problems.
Do you have "color vision deficiency," otherwise known as color blindness?
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