Golden Globes

Julianne Moore, Older Actresses
Russell Crowe, no longer a young man at nearly 51, thinks women around his age should just get over themselves and even at “40, 45, 48” be content to move into their dotage on screen. Tell that to gorgeous new Bond “girl” Monica Belluci, who at 50 will star with four-years-younger Daniel Craig in…
I approach the holidays like a Golden Globes nominee — that is, with a can’t-fail-to-look-good plan.
Noteworthy events from our shared experience:
My favorite part of award shows is  that moment before the winners are announced, when they show all the nominees on a split screen. You can usually tell the seasoned veterans: While the newbies sweat and tremble, the older stars sit there, totally cool, enjoying that last second or so of being…
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If you haven't seen the Golden Globes yet, you should. It's been a phenomenal year in movies and television, and it was great to see who took the cake home last night. (Not to mention the glitz and glamor was pretty fun too!) Some highlights:
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