Gone Girl

What is it about the top of a woman’s head that can send her into a tailspin?
In Theaters This Weekend: Just one film to mention, but it’s a doozy: Nightcrawler, a frenetic tale of ambition, greed and the seamy underbelly of TV news.
Gone Girl
Two very different types of getaways figure in this week’s theatrical debuts, while a new DVD set invites you to warm up to some mighty cold characters.
Everybody's looking for the next Gone Girl - publishers, who want to mimic the success of Gillian Flynn's summer 2012 thriller that sold more than six million copies, and readers, who gobbled up every word (weak ending and all). No surprise, then, that publishers and industry-watchers have hyped any number of books as "the next Gone Girl."
The Silent Wife
Have you heard? This year's Gone Girl is The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison.
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