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Many of us search the Internet when we need a quick answer to a health question, and each year Google analyzes the most common health queries, both in this country and globally.
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News, discoveries and ... fun
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Estas son  7 noticias  insólitas e impactantes de la semana. ¿Crees que falta alguna? Comparte tu opinión en los comentarios:
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Tales from the newly laid-off have been overflowing my Facebook news feed of late.
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With news that hackers last weekend managed to uncover and leak nude photographs that 101 celebrities had stored on their smartphones, you may be wondering about the online security of your own salacious selfies.
News, discoveries and ... fun
The arrival of Pope Francis at St. John for the settlement
Estas son las 7 noticias más impactantes de la semana. ¿Estás de acuerdo? Si no es así­ comparte tu opinión en los comentarios: 
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You might have grown up worrying that everything you did wrong would go on your "permanent record."
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