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Not Adding Up
The recent government shutdown served as a very public reminder of a widespread reality in urgent need of solutions: far too many American families are a paycheck away from financial distress
Multi-generational family kissing
The title of the undisputed hit song of this past summer, before the government shutdown, Blurred Lines,* lacks a reference to Congress (or rest assured it would have been a dud). But it captures what politicians and others in Washington have done in the hopes that voters don't catch them causing damage to our lives and the broader economy.
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You might not be familiar with the tax on medical devices - pacemakers, artificial joints and the like - that's emerged as an unlikely issue in the battle over a government shutdown. Here's a primer.
A government shutdown could take an especially painful toll on one group of Americans: veterans and their families who are waiting for benefits claims to be processed.
Once again, the federal government will run out of money in a few days unless Congress acts. And once again, partisan gridlock is hampering action.
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