Great grandfather with his young granddaughter.
I am not a grandparent yet, nor is my twin sister, so we are way behind the curve as the average age of a grandparent is 47. In fact, according to AARP's recent Grandparenting study, only 8% of adults become a grandparent at 60 years of age or older. My Dad managed to become a grandfather for the first time at age 75 with his one and only grandchild, my niece Katie. Again, way behind the curve, as 91% of grandparents have 2 or more grandchildren and 55% have five or more.
Baby laughing
The results of a new AARP survey of grandparents released today highlight the roles they play in the lives of their grandchildren - and 90 percent say that role is an important one.
I love this. From Malik Yoba:
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