great places to live when youre 50

Do you have easy access to schools, parks, medical facilities and simple services like grocery and drug stores? Do you have alternative transportation options when the car is in the shop?  Does your neighborhood have sidewalks? And if so, are they well maintained?
January 1, 2011, the day the baby boomers began turning 65, marked the beginning of the greatest demographic shift in our nation's history - a shift that will see one of every five Americans age 65 and older by 2050.
Dan Burden and wife,
Many homebuilders build houses for the young, with little thought to how our needs change when the kids grow up and move out to start their own families. When that time comes, you might find yourself thinking, now what?
Schuylkill Banks Art Museum Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
All Sarah Clark Stuart wanted was for her family to be able to safely access the Schuylkill River Trail, just across the tracks from the Philadelphia neighborhood where she lived.
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