Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern with burning candles
Half-pint Halloweeners may trigger some good-natured fright, but what’s really scary? These horrifying (and holiday-appropriate) scams, which are still going strong.
Zucchini relleno de camarones, pollo y pepperoni  2
El calabacín ( zucchini) es una especie de calabaza que se originó en América sin embargo, las variedades que se conocen como zucchini fueron cultivadas originalmente en Italia. Esta receta, que comparto con ustedes, es muy fácil de preparar y puede servirse como plato principal, como tapas o entremeses.
Lois in Alberta Ferretti
As little girls, my daughters, now 41 and 31, loved Halloween: It was the one day of the year their black-clad fashion-editor mom didn’t stand out in the burbs.
Candy Corn
News, discoveries and ... fun
I tend to be skeptical about most new beauty trends, but ever since BB creams took over the makeup aisle I’ve become both skeptical and curious.
The Equalizer
Great excitement colors every Halloween.  Kids happily don their costumes - some out of the box, some handmade - carve their jack o'lanterns, then set off to troll neighborhoods in the dusk and dark for candy galore.
mom dad jackson halloween
Taking care of my parents involves juggling many aspects of their lives. At times, their health  issues seem to overwhelm everything else. So much of our time goes to doctor appointments, physical, speech and occupational therapy, and dealing with my mom's cuts and bruises.  I know, of course, this is critical to keeping them as healthy as possible. But I believe that quality of life is pretty important, too. Even if we have good health, without the moments of joy, what are we fighting to stay alive for? So I make it a priority to inject fun into their lives - and mine too.
pumpkin smaller.JPG
No, I'm not talking about the cardboard witch you have hanging on your window. I'm talking about none other than the lovely pumpkin you'll be carving (if you haven't already) for Halloween this year.
Back by popular demand is the AARP Pet Pals Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest! If your feline's looking fancy or your pooch has panache this coming Halloween, snap a picture and heading over to our website to enter the contest.
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