Harrison Ford

Will someone please find the great Harrison Ford something new to do? Yes, it was fun to see him leathered up again in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we  can’t wait to find out what he and Steven Spielberg have up their sleeves for the 2019 Indiana Jones reboot they  announced this week. But not since 2013’s splendid 42, in which he played baseball legend Branch Rickey, has Ford really been called upon to stretch himself.
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Lots to choose from this week: For once, an all-star comedy that's actually funny ... Harrison Ford returns to space ... a fast-talking rodeo cowboy tries to rope AIDS ... and Diana, Princess of Wales, looks for true love.
Are you as pumped as I am to see 42, the new movie about Jackie Robinson ?
Sometimes it's pretty tough to get the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill. But politicians, fortunately, are as starstruck as the rest of us. That's why celebrities ranging from Angelina Jolie and Bono to George Clooney, who testified to Congress a year ago about the dire situation in war-torn Sudan, regularly descend on Washington to raise awareness for their pet causes. (Check out this AARP slideshow of the top 20 celebrity activists of all time.)
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