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AARP Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer Nancy LeaMond was recently named a 2017 Top Lobbyist by The Hill. 
I saw these two articles promoted on the "Moderate Voice" and thought I'd share them. Both give great overviews of the state of the health reform debate. I'd highly recommend them for people looking for some easy primers on what is at stake and some factual information - rather than emails filled with myths and untruths. Both articles ratchet down the rhetoric and give some solid summations of the legislation and controversial pieces of the debate.
There is a great website out there called "" - take a look at They are a non-partisan and fact-based organization dedicated to illuminating the truth (or untruth) of statements politicians and other make on television, print and in other settings. Just as you might go and check an urban legend on, we'd recommend checking things out on this Pulitzer prize winning site as well when you receive something via email or other source and you wonder about the accuracy of the statement.
If your inbox is anything like mine, you're getting a lot of emails about how SCARY health reform is. From allegations about rationing care to wild reports of government-sponsored euthanasia, the rumors just keep getting crazier. And I've had enough. Enough of the fear-mongering. Enough of the myths and unfounded rumors. Enough of the interest groups twisting the truth to stop health reform. I'm fighting back - and I'm asking for your help! Below I've debunked some of the common myths going around. Will you forward this email to your friends and help get the truth out about reform?
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