health after 50

After turning 50, I made a life-changing decision to never again focus on numbers that are irrelevant to my happiness, health and well-being, and only embrace those that are.
photo of doc looking at xray
There's a silent and stealthy disease you may not even know you have ...until you fall.
happy older couple
We're all aging. And this much I've figured out: the challenge isn't how to stop it, it's how to do it.
scared-woman for belly fat article
There's a kind of fat that can creep up on us as we age that is so awful, even its name sounds sneaky and mean.
Run on 56th Birthday 12-23-12
A few months ago I turned 56. To commemorate and celebrate, I ran 5.6 miles around Central Park. It felt good knowing I could run that distance and still be fit enough to join my husband and daughters at a birthday dinner downtown a few hours later.
Do women embrace aging better than men? Are we happier with our lives and better equipped to handle the myriad changes that life often throws our way? Are we better at digging deeper to our very core to pull out our inner resources for what we truly need as we get older?
Here's a simple message to those who have not yet turned 50:   it's never too early to start taking control of your health and life.
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