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President Obama conceded on Oct. 21 that the website at the center of the health care law has been a mess but insisted that the law continues to benefit many people.
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You might not be familiar with the tax on medical devices - pacemakers, artificial joints and the like - that's emerged as an unlikely issue in the battle over a government shutdown. Here's a primer.
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From Kaiser Health News
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Mother knows best. And backers of the new health care law want young adults to start listening when their moms say they need to have health insurance.
Let's do the math: We have nearly 30 million uninsured people about to get medical coverage under the health care law come January. And we have a projected shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians by 2020. Add to that the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), with 43,000 members who…
From Kaiser Health News
A routine colonoscopy was supposed to be free under the new health care law, but then insurers began charging if doctors found and removed a polyp during the procedure.
Rick Scott took the money but now pays a price.
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By Julie Appleby, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
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By Julie Appleby, Jay Hancock and Mary Agnes Carey, Staff Writers, Kaiser Health News
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