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Recent research shows that Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit appears to be achieving one of its key goals: providing a gateway for beneficial preventive and screening services
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Tips for Caregivers to get regular checkups.
I finally did it. After more than two years with two painful teeth, I finally got my dental checkup and teeth cleaning! Unfortunately, my delay has caused the need for two new crowns. I've always done this regularly, but since I started intensive caregiving that has gone down the drain (as have my other regular checkups). I feel like I should be at a support group meeting saying, "My name is Amy, and I'm a caregiver who has neglected my own health." I know I'm not the only one ... and today is National Women's Checkup Day, so I decided to come clean. Any other caregivers out there want to join me in fessing up?!
Brain Scan Alzheimers Disease
If you were likely to get Alzheimer's disease in the future, would you want to know? The question is largely hypothetical at the moment, but might not be for much longer.
Hey everybody - it's Jenn! What are you doing on Wednesday May 16th?
AARP has two new programs to help promote personal health and fitness.
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