The Takeaway: Older Women More Sexually Satisfied Than Middle-Aged; Romney Takes Iowa

In their younger days, boomers oft-accused the older generations of having a bad attitude toward sex. Try telling that now to the 80-year-old women who are more sexually satisfied than their 55-year-old counterparts.

The Takeaway: Strict Diet Keeps Brain Young; Boomer Kids Outsaving Parents

Forget young at heart"”eating less could keep you young of mind, and Italian scientists now think they know why. And are the children of boomers"”members of Generations X and Y"”better at saving for retirement than their parents?

The Takeaway: Surgery to Stop Strokes Doesn’t Work; Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Mandate

Doctors had high hopes for an operation designed to prevent strokes, but a $20 million federal study on the procedure was cut short when it became apparent that it didn't work. And a conservative-leaning federal appeals court yesterday ruled Barack Obama's health care law"”including the individual mandate"”is constitutional.