Bill Aims to Root Out Waste In Medicare and Medicaid

New legislation proposed with bipartisan support on Capitol Hill aims to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid. Mistakes, inefficiencies and fraud in the two health care programs come at a steep price to both consumers and taxpayers, points out Joyce A. Rogers, senior vice president of government affairs for AARP, which has endorsed the bill. “The PRIME Act is a strong first step toward reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in our public health programs,” she says. (PRIME …

Obama: Health Law ‘Working the Way It’s Supposed to’

From Kaiser Health News In California Friday, President Barack Obama praised the health law benefits already in place and talked about the state’s health insurance marketplace. He also placed a special emphasis on touting the law to the state’s Latino population. Here’s a transcript of his remarks: OBAMA: These leaders from California’s government, the California Endowment, and major Spanish-language media outlets have joined together to help implement the Affordable Care Act here in California and to educate folks about how to …

What's Next in Health Care Reform?

From Barbranda Walls Health care reform may not dominate the news to the extent it did in the hot days of August, when tempers boiled over at Town Hall meetings; the balloon boy, the war in Afghanistan, and the mystery of the Northwest pilots have pushed it ever-so-slightly to the background. But it’s a complex topic that remains a major concern among AARP members, as evidenced by interest in the Vegas@50+ session “Don’t Roll the Dice: Find Out What’s Next …

MUST READ: Don't Believe Them

If your inbox is anything like mine, you're getting a lot of emails about how SCARY health reform is. From allegations about rationing care to wild reports of government-sponsored euthanasia, the rumors just keep getting crazier.
And I've had enough. Enough of the fear-mongering. Enough of the myths and unfounded rumors. Enough of the interest groups twisting the truth to stop health reform.
I'm fighting back – and I'm asking for your help!
Below I've debunked some of the common myths going around. Will you forward this email to your friends and help get the truth out about reform?

Best Excuse For Missing School Ever

President Obama writes a note to a young girl's teacher to excuse her absence.

News To Know: Health Care Reform, How and Why?

Everyone is talking about health care reform, but what does it mean and how can we do it?