healthy aging

For years we've heard a drumbeat of frightening news about an upcoming epidemic of Alzheimer's disease and dementia poised to rob us of our mental faculties. Now two new studies say the future may not be so bleak. Even better, the new research lends credence to the theory that our behavior can improve our chances of keeping our brains healthy in old age.
An Apple (Brandy) A Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Good news for the ladies, here: Researchers have uncovered more evidence that moderate drinking for 'midlife' women is linked to better long-term health. Women who drank five or more grams of alcohol (between one-third and one drink) per day, three to seven days per week, had a 50% better chance of healthy aging compared with non-drinkers (how's that for specifics?). Drinking just one to two days a week was not linked to better health, however.
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