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If you're celebrating National Soul Food Month and Juneteenth this month, you're probably well acquainted with crispy fried chicken, ham hock-laden collard greens, smothered pork chops and gooey macaroni and cheese.
Michelle Obama Kicks Off South Lawn Series Of Summer Activities For Kids
Dear Mrs. Obama:
Among the big news stories yesterday: The return of Twinkies!
I've recently discovered something new about myself: I have an addiction to kale (well, at least that's what my husband tells me).
In predicting future cardiovascular disease in preschoolers, is how children eat as important as what they eat? The surprising answer is yes.
Standing in front of a three-way mirror trying to find a flattering swimsuit may not be your idea of a fun time. You aren't alone. More than any other time of the year, the approaching warm summer days that call for swimsuits, sleeveless blouses, cropped pants and shorts make us self-conscious about the shape of our bodies. But how we look on the outside is only part of the picture. How we look on the inside is just as important.
Oatmeal with Blueberries
For sheer versatility, oatmeal is hard to beat. Besides serving as a hearty breakfast cereal, oatmeal can be added to meat loaf or baked in cookies, cakes, bread, muffins and scones. Oatmeal can also be ground in a blender to create oat flour that can be used as a coating for fish or chicken.
weight loss after 50 showing apple and tapemeasure
I don't believe in dieting. I do believe in eating well: lots of dark, leafy greens ( kale is my favorite!); small amounts of red meat; as little of the "white stuff" (sugar, white potatoes, white rice) as possible; nuts (especially calcium-rich almonds); legumes; and huge amounts of water and green tea (with some coffee in the morning and a little heart-healthy red wine in the evening thrown in for good measure!). What has this way of eating done for me? It's helped me lose almost 15 lbs. since turning 50 ...and to keep it off. Just as important as what I eat, though, is how often. With my plan, I eat something good and healthy every 2 - 3 hours.  This keeps my blood sugar levels steady and hunger at bay. Works for me!
"Healthy" doesn't sell, the restaurant chains said. Low-cal items always tank, the fast-food places whined. Well, guess what? Turns out " healthy" does sell.
Hello again from Lenise. I wanted to share something special with you today...
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