Good Friends Make for Better Health

I got an email from someone I didn’t know this week, saying how comforting she had found my book, especially the chapter about friendship. ‘‘My ‘friends’ all know that I am deaf,” she wrote. “Some try to look at me more (that doesn’t last too long), some try to talk slower (that doesn’t last long). I am amazed at how impatient they get with me. I am amazed how inconsiderate they are. “I was at a lovely luncheon yesterday in a restaurant …

The Takeaway: First Black Marines Remembered; Loretta Lynn Hospitalized; New Hope For Hearing Loss

Tomorrow, Congress will vote on whether to award the Congressional Gold Medal to America's first black Marines, known as the Montford Point Marines. Country superstar Loretta Lynn, 76, has been hospitalized for pneumonia. And 'hearing loop' technology installed in public places can help those with hearing aids receive sound more clearly.