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This is entry No. 3 in an AARP Livable Communities blog diary about a home remodeling project to make a Florida house better suited for aging in place. 
A Florida remodeling project.
As an occupational therapist and aging-in-place consultant, I am frequently asked to assess a home for its ability to meet the functional needs of the people who are or will be living in it.
Age-friendly bathroom remodel.
"Is this the house we'll retire in?" Crystal and Chris K. frequently asked one another about their home in Silver Spring, Md. The question was important because the answer would determine if they'd remodel or sell their house.
Blog 6 Universal Design Kitchen - Cutting Board
Have you ever thought, "I wish my kitchen looked like that," when you visited a friend's house or watched a home design show on TV?
With winter in full swing and cabin fever becoming an almost constant malady, I usually turn my attention to an endless list of indoor home remodeling and improvement projects.
LAS VEGAS - The National Association of Home Builders says the future housing market will depend heavily on baby boomers.
Everyone knows about "empty nest syndrome." People warn those whose children quickly grow up and head out on their own that there will be a feeling of loneliness around the nest - and that may very well be true for some, but this great article in the Chicago Tribune takes a different look at the empty nest - and I like this point of view!
Become more energy efficient and save yourself some dough!
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