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It’s been more than 15 years since the Institute of Medicine released its seminal 1997 report detailing the suffering many Americans experience at the end of life and offering sweeping recommendations on how to improve care.
Nobody knew much about Roger. His niece had dropped him off at the nursing home one day, saying there was a family emergency. Could they keep him overnight?
Episode 1
Dying is a subject most people would rather not talk about, let alone base an entire television show on. But on Time of Death, Showtime's poignant, oddly beautiful docu-series that premieres tonight at 10, there's no escape from watching life's final act.
When Judith Fox's husband died at 53, she found herself in an "alien world" of grief and shock. At only 50 years old, she didn't know any other widows and had no idea how to process the loss. Fast forward three years, and Fox was lucky enough to find love again. Three years after that, her second husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
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There's a lot of attention on taking care of older adults, but what happens when the elderly need help caring for others - in this case, their pets?
Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life
This is a guest post by Bart Astor.
When you wake up in the morning, do you think to yourself, "I'm so excited, because today I get to... (fill in the blank)?
By Alvin Tran of Kaiser Health News
By Randy Dotinga for Kaiser Health News
By Jordan Rau, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
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