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Los Centros de Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid revirtieron esta semana su propuesta para retener los datos de seguridad hospitalaria que históricamente se han hecho públicos.
The coronavirus pandemic dominated our Thinking Policy blog in 2020, just as it dominated everyone’s lives.
Now is the time for system leaders to reflect on crisis protocol and design long-term operational processes for delivering quality care under new circumstances.
Visitor restriction policies due to COVID-19 mean hospital patients are feeling increasingly isolated and alone with no family or friends at their bedside.
After her husband passed away in 2007 following a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Reva Balogh searched for something to fill her time. Then, reaching into her own childhood, she found it.
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By Jordan Rau, Kaiser Health News Staff Writer, produced in collaboration with NPR
By Jordan Rau, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
Is your hospital being penalized for providing care that falls short of what Medicare thinks it should be? Measures range from nighttime noise to following basic clinical standards of care.
Heather Lawson was admiring the gorgeous floral arrangements on a reality-TV show about weddings when it hit her: After the big event, the flowers would be going into the trash.
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