How to wear animal prints after 50

How do you balance looking hot but sophisticated? Ageless and yet age appropriate? Edgy but not easy? We do like to blur the boundaries but we also like a dose of taste and tact too. This is why animal prints are our idea of a sexy, youthful wardrobe "neutral."  They're our generation's plaid. Back in the 60's, Ann Bancroft seduced a preppy Dustin Hoffman in leopard in "The Graduate," Bond-girl Ursula Andress wore a leopard coat and boots, and Dylan sang about a leopard hat on his Blonde on Blonde album. We never got over it. Neither did celebs like Kris Jenner, Lisa Rinna, Madonna, Wendy Williams and Jane Fonda who make style look like an adventure. Here's how to make a wild fabrics work for you:
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