Well, I hope you're satisfied. Martin Scorsese's Hugo arrived on DVD and BluRay this week, and at that moment you missed out on any chance that you'll ever get to see it the way it was meant to be experienced: On a floor-to-ceiling movie theater screen in glorious 3-D.
There were four standing ovations at the 11th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards Gala in Beverly Hills last night:
"Hugo," based on Brian Selznick's illustrated novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, is Martin Scorsese's magical, majestic, fantastically told 3-D tale of Hugo, an orphaned 12-year-old boy. After the disappearance of his clock-maker uncle, Hugo struggles to survive in the dark labyrinths of the subterranean train station of 1930s Paris by secretly winding all the station clocks. The ticking-of-time serves as visual and thematic metaphor, enabling Hugo to take on a beyond-his-years philosophical dimension as both agonist and antagonist. Along his curious and circuitous journey, Hugo establishes an unlikely bond with a forgotten cinema legend that brings Hugo into further magical regions. 50+ viewers will appreciate Scorsese's unabashed flirtation with the mercurial and mysterious realms of early cinema.
Our long national movie nightmare is over: the Grownup Movies Season is in full swing. I do hope you've been saving your pennies since last January to take advantage of November and December, when Hollywood studio execs wake up, look in a mirror and declare, "Wait a minute-we've been releasing crap all year! How in the world will we win any Oscars for that tripe?"
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