Tell the truth now: Are you really flossing your teeth every day? Or are you just lying about it to your dentist?
Wallet with dollar bills
Open your wallet. Pull out a dollar bill. You've just touched more than 3,000 bacteria that have been linked to stomach ulcers, acne, pneumonia and staph infections.
What should be flushed down the toilet? Only toilet paper and, well, you know.
Dr. Pepper Schwartz
Q: I am 58 and have a deep connection with a man I've known for about a year. We get along fabulously and I believe most women would think he is a great catch; I definitely do. My problem stems from his questionable hygiene. His work requires some extreme conditions as well as some dirty jobs . I'm…
When it comes to germy office-mates, some of us are spreading around more bacteria than others.
How often do you change the sheets on your bed? Once a week? Every two weeks? When they're stiff enough to stand upright?
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