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Fraud is a growing problem across the U.S., with more than 1.2 million fraud-related complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) in 2015 alone. Among those complaints, a total of $765 million was lost by consumers who fell victim to scams, according to CSN’s February 2016 data book.
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Revised July 22, 2015.
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For the third time this year, I opened an unmarked envelope to find a new credit card glued to the insert. Actually, it wasn’t a new card. Just a replacement for my current card, now unusable because of a security breach somewhere. I’ll be amazed if this card makes it to the end of the year. Sound familiar?
Frozen Credit
To freeze or not to freeze? It’s a common question, particularly after reports of yet another breach of payment card data like those at Home Depot, Kmart and Dairy Queen.
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By Kristin Keckeisen, Fraud Watch Network campaign manager
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Consumer protection
Bank of America is the latest major financial institution ordered to refund millions of dollars to consumers who were billed for credit card-related products they never ordered - and likely didn't even need.
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