El proyecto de ley garantiza a los trabajadores del sector privado por lo menos cinco días de licencia remunerada al año para usar por cualquier motivo.
Los trabajadores de Illinois inscritos en el programa estatal de ahorros jubilatorios de cinco años han ahorrado colectivamente más de $90 millones para su jubilación.
Illinois workers enrolled in the state’s Secure Choice retirement savings program have collectively saved more than $90 million for their retirement.
AARP Foundation lawyers this week filed a class action lawsuit against Alden Group, a nursing home operator alleged to have understaffed facilities.
Los abogados de AARP Foundation presentaron una demanda colectiva esta semana contra Alden Group, un operador de hogares de ancianos que se alega que tiene escasez de personal en sus instalaciones.
Yield sign that reads "retirement ahead"
Illinois will become the first state with a broad-based effort to automatically enroll private-sector employees without retirement plans into a new savings program.
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The candidates in a battleground congressional district in Illinois disagreed about the impact for Social Security and Medicare of a Republican-passed plan crafted by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) during an Oct. 21 radio debate sponsored by AARP.
Have you ever thought about how many times you use your hands in a day? Perhaps you've pondered which fingers you could do without if you had to get rid of a couple? Maybe you've thought about how quickly your body sends signals back and forth so that you can type a blog post, tie your shoe or lift…
Brain X-Ray
Hi, everyone!  AARP Illinois communications staff member Heather Heppner here to share with you a new video series on Alzheimer's disease that features Dr. William Klein from Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.).
Hello there! It's Heather with the AARP Illinois Communications Team, bringing you good news about caregiving in Illinois!
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