Man with credit card on laptop being scammed at home
A convincing new phishing scam threatens Amazon shoppers just as the online behemoth announced it will offer Black Friday–type bargains as often as every five minutes all the way through Dec. 22.
Man and woman sitting on sofa with flood water over their ankles
In August it was Louisiana that was devastated. In September, Iowa got soaked. And since last week, flooding triggered by Hurricane Matthew has affected portions of East Coast states from Florida to Virginia.
Golden retriever sitting in backyard
Pet scams may not fetch the publicity of other schemes, but they certainly continue with dogged persistence. As hundreds of businesses and thousands of pet parents celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, check out these pet scams still in the works.
Overdue bills
Despite a 47 percent increase in complaints from the previous year, identity theft wasn’t the nation’s top consumer complaint in 2015 — for the first time in 16 years, according to an annual review by the Federal Trade Commission.
Juror's row in a court room
In the Phoenix area, the callers claim to be from the U.S. Marshals Service. In Huntsville, Ala., it’s a self-described “deputy marshal” with the sheriff’s office who has already scammed at least 53 people in recent weeks with this threat:
Woman being harassed by debt collectors
The latest mask worn by scamming debt collectors is a real slap in the face, given that the con artists pose as the very state agencies that go after them. At least three attorneys general offices (New York, Virginia and Missouri) have recently issued warnings about being spoofed. Impersonating the attorney general or reps of that official, crooks threaten consumers with arrest unless a supposed debt is immediately paid.
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