This blog is first in a new series on ‘Savings and the Economy’. The series provides data-driven insights on the implications of economic instability for household savings and discussions on policies that enable financial wellbeing.
Most U.S. adults say they’ve cut back on shopping, postponed travel or otherwise reined in their expenses in the wake of decades-high inflation.
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As the Financial Security Trend Survey shows, the important role of policy – both public and private – are key components to improving financial health.
Social Security Cards
Most older adults who receive or will soon receive Social Security say they're worried about their retirement benefits keeping up with inflation.
Inflation and You: How to Manage Your Money, Cut Costs and Avoid Panicking
AARP hosted a free tele-town hall event to discuss inflation, savings and how higher prices may impact retirees and those saving for retirement.
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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed elements of ageism and age discrimination as health officials weighed how best to respond, says AARP's Deb Whitman.
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Many of the workers who retired during the pandemic were already at or beyond retirement age, making them less likely to return to work. But workers in the 65+ age group can be drawn back into the workforce under certain conditions.
Social Security Card and Coins
When should you begin taking Social Security benefits? That was a question asked of visitors and registered website users . Less than 19 percent selected age 70, though that’s exactly what I tell the vast majority of my clients to do. Most object to my recommendation until I frame the…
En español |  Nearly 60 million Social Security recipients will probably not get a cost-of-living increase next year, according to projections in the 2015 Social Security and Medicare trustees reports.
Inflation - Dollar Bill on Scale
Inflation lately has been pretty tame. Still, the possibility that it could raise its ugly head again, eating away at our spending power and standard of living, is always in the back of our minds. That’s why it’s important to understand inflation to better protect ourselves from its potential…
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