A recent AARP Public Policy Institute report found that influenza, pneumonia, and shingles vaccinations increased among adults ages 50 and older in 2020, though disparities continued.
Older adult getting a shot
In the time of COVID-19, flu vaccination rates among the 50+ remain stubbornly low.
Flu Temperature
Judging by all the people sneezing and coughing on my flight last week, and the ubiquitous “Get your flu shot” signs at every pharmacy, it’s obvious we’ve begun the dreaded cold and flu season.
En español | With flu season about to start, health officials reassured Americans that the new, updated flu vaccine now available should do a better job than last year’s.
Eric Dickerson Gets Flu Shot, NFL Players
It's already a bad flu season for those age 65-plus and now there's more bad news: This season's flu shot will only cut your chances of getting sick by 23 percent, compared to the more typical 60 percent in previous years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Close-up of flu shot syringe with word 'flu'
Sorry, folks, but we’re headed into a nasty flu season.
African-American woman sneezing into tissue
It’s that season again. The one with lots of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, aching and carrying around large wads of tissues. So how do you protect yourself from colds and the flu, other than staying home from now through May?
Senior Medical - Flu Shot
Comienza el mes de octubre y para mi familia significa que ha llegado el mes en el que todos nos vacunamos contra la influenza. Sin embargo, este año creo que voy a aprovechar la oportunidad para revisar detalladamente las necesidades de vacunación de cada miembro de mi familia, más allá de esta…
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Como ya les he contado, mi esposo es diabético Tipo 1 (insulinodependiente) desde niño. Y si bien es ésta una enfermedad crónica, tratamos siempre de encontrar en ello algún aspecto positivo para poder seguir adelante disfrutando de la vida con salud en nuestros años maduros. Uno de esos aspectos…
Young Woman with Flu Shot Sign
The last flu season was a record-setter - and not in a good way.
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