Remember those bogus offers for a free medical alert device? That robocall ripoff, which went viral last year, has returned with a vengeance - with two new twists.
With the discovery of a major flaw in one of the Internet's primary encryption methods, it's time to immediately change your passwords - and then keep your fingers crossed.
Scientist in white uniform working in laboratory
By Ankita Rao, Kaiser Health News
Target store
Hackers have stolen confidential data from as many as  40 million credit and debit cards that shoppers used at Target stores from the day before Thanksgiving until December 15.
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The public's most trusted sources of information about the Affordable Care Act - Obamacare, as many Americans know it - aren't necessarily the ones they're most likely to be hearing from.
As many as 508,000 American jobs have been lost to cybercrime, the hacking of computer networks to find confidential information and disrupt service, a new report says.  Armed with stolen data, foreign companies are able to better compete in world markets against American companies, leading to job reductions in the United States. Service disruptions, lowered consumer trust and higher costs of computer security also drag the American companies down.
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