The Takeaway: 90-Year-Old Fashion Designer Makes a Comeback

Legendary menswear designer Pierre Cardin celebrated his first catwalk show in years Sunday, showcasing a new crop of his signature space-agey designs (think Star Trek meets Magical Mystery Tour). The 90-year-old designer "invented Paris menswear shows back in the 1950s," according to the Associated Press, and is the one responsible for first dressing the Beatles in collar-less jackets.

Using Words to Push Positive Messages

Did you know that we spend one-fifth of our life talking! How many Talk-shows are on TV every day? And night! We all have something to say, sometimes we say the wrong things but none the less we continue to talk. SJ wanted to be in the Blind Side, if you saw the movie, he is in a red jacket in the football scene sitting between Tim McGraw and Sandy. As the scene was playing out, SJ would turn to Sandy after she did a line …