A new law that addresses high prescription drug prices and out-of-pocket costs will help improve the affordability of insulin for millions of diabetic Medicare beneficiaries, and new research sheds light on its potential impact.
There used to be a tradition of taking a little walk after dinner to aid digestion. Turns out, a short walk after eating can do even more: It can help reduce the risk of diabetes in older adults by lowering blood sugar levels for hours after a meal, a new study finds.
By Phil Galewitz, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
Could what we eat be killing our brains? Or, to put it another way, could Alzheimer's really be Type 3 diabetes?
 "Diabesity" -- Type 2 diabetes brought on by obesity -- can be reversed by stomach-reducing surgery like gastric bypass and researchers say the operation should be offered sooner to obese and overweight patients instead of as a last resort.
man in emergency room, common drugs can send older patients to the hospital if not taken properly
Four drugs commonly prescribed to seniors -- two blood thinners and two diabetes drugs -- are the cause of the most emergency hospital visits for Americans over 65, a new study has found.
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