James Bond

Monica Bellucci, new Bond Girl
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Monica Bellucci, new Bond Girl
In a year when meaty movie roles for women 50-plus were as rare as crow’s feet on Rodeo Drive, it’s gratifying to see the news from London that Monica Bellucci, at 50, is about to become the oldest Bond “Girl” ever.
Richard Nixon, TV Debates with John Kennedy
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James Bond in Thunderball - Italian poster
It was summer, we were at camp, and Karen was willing. Starting when I was 10, I had seen every James Bond movie, so I knew how to kiss and how to handle women. You brought her face to yours. You inhaled deeply - since you wouldn't have a chance to breathe for a while - then you went for the kill,…
There are two things you should know about engineer, pilot and race car driver William F. Milliken Jr. One is that he literally invented the field of vehicle dynamics, authoring the definitive textbook on using advanced mathematics to model and improve how cars handle on the road. The other is that…
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