News To Know: A Year In Health News

Over the weekend Jennie Chin Hansen was the featured author of USA Today Weekend's Special Report on Health.

I Voted

Today was such an important day in history – for so many reasons, and for so many people. I started voting as soon as I was able to: when I turned 18. Not any one candidate or issue got me fired up, it was simply an important rite of passage. To vote meant to participate in one of our greatest freedoms. Voting is perhaps the most important representation of a democracy which we are so lucky to have here in …

Looking Back At Life@50+

Jennie Chin Hansen and Alejandra chat about Life@50+ highlights.

A Special Moment for Medicare

Jennie Chin Hansen, AARP Board President, shares her thoughts on a special moment for Medicare.

I’m Back and Ready To Chat!

Jennie Chin Hansen, AARP President, re-introduces her regular spot on the blog.