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Job or No Job
“What’s your biggest weakness?” is a classic job interview question.
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Tales from the newly laid-off have been overflowing my Facebook news feed of late.
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Competing with 30-somethings for work is depressing. So what if they have flawless skin, hair and teeth and, oh yeah, those dazzling social media skills. We have flawless resumes with genuine experience (anyone can buy great skin, hair and teeth) plus dazzling people skills (real people! face to face!)... and we can spell. However in the end the right packaging is what just might push your little well-shod foot through the door.  Ya' gotta fit in. If 2013"²s job hunt was a downer, these five tips will get you moving upward fast:
AARP IL Blog - Job Hunting 2.0: Calling Cards and You
Hello again from Allie the intern! Today's post is part two of my series...
Deborah lost her job at 62. She found resources to help her get back on track.
Deborah Salim, 62, had been living a quiet life in her mother's home town of Conway, S.C., happy with her 15-year job in the record keeping office of the local community college and with the fact that four of her five children and their children were close by.
If you're hunting for work and wondering where the jobs are, look no further. A government report released Friday reveals the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Q: I'm married and lonely. My husband, age 68, has his own business, works six days a week with 10- to 12-hour days, and is recovering from prostate cancer surgery, with a low testosterone count.  
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Labor Day isn't the easiest holiday for the millions of folks who are unemployed.
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Who else remembers looking forward to Sunday mornings when a certain section of the newspaper would arrive, thick with possibilities?
Inexpensive apps for touching-up digital photos has made the kind of airbrushing artistry once reserved for celebrities available to the rest of us. Yes, we can now apply the same image altering techniques used on models and magazine covers to our own or LinkedIn profiles. But is it a good idea?
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