This Man Would Be Thankful to Find a Job

“I’d do anything to get a job” – or “I’d give anything to land a job.” Millions of people have said those words. Vincent Giordano has taken it a step further. I heard about Vincent and got his contact information via this ABC News story by reporter Alan Farnheim. This summer, the unemployed law firm office support assistant – with expertise running large, complex duplicating machines like you’d see at some copy shops – decided he needed to get noticed. Vincent went to …

The Takeaway: Forced To Take Early Social Security

In May, the Urban Institute reported that the number of eligible Americans taking early Social Security benefits <a href="">had hit a 35-year low</a>. But the recession and protracted high unemployment have left some older adults"”such as 62-year-old Clare Keany"”forced to take benefits earlier than planned.

The Takeaway: Number of Long-Term Unemployed Workers 55+ Rose Sharply Since 2007

A new Government Accountability Office report says 55 percent of jobless older adults"”or 1.1 million Americans 55 and older"”have been unemployed for more than six months, up from 23 percent just four years ago. The report was addressed to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, which begins a hearing on older adults and unemployment issues today. Led by Sen. Herb Kohl, the Committee will investigate age discrimination in the workforce and ways to boost older workers' job prospects.

Unemployment Rises for Older Workers

April was another disappointing month for older workers: the unemployment rate for people 55-plus rose one-tenth of 1 percent to 6.3 percent, the government reported Friday. In fact, it was the third straight month that joblessness rose for older workers, from 5.9 percent in February and 6.2 percent in March. The situation for older men remained the same-the rate hovered at 6.3 percent in April, same as in March. But that was a big jump from 5.7 percent in February. …

The Takeaway: Boomers in the Surburbs; Are You Seeing Things?

Changing face of the suburbs. Latest analysis pulled from 2010 Census:  It’s not news to us, but new research shows the nation’s suburbs are shifting away from the young couples with children image. About 40 percent of residents are 45 or older.