Senior women exercising
For a moment last week, research offered all of us slow, plodding exercisers a moment of revenge.
Old hands and newborn
News, discoveries and ... fun
Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon
[Editor's Note: In the men's division of the 2014 Boston Marathon, run April 21, American Meb Keflezighi, 39, won with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 37 seconds. He was the oldest winner since at least 1930. Rita Jeptoo of Kenya defended her women's title, with a course record of 2:18:57.]
Runners in an 8-kilometer race in San Jose, Calif., on Sunday stopped to honor a World War II veteran watching the event in uniform, the San Jose Mercury News reports.
running the beach
What's the best work out for people of all ages?
Even if you're a dedicated walker or runner, there are days when the weather is way too yucky to go out. Or maybe you just want to catch the nightly news instead of going for a run.
When beginning my fitness makeoverseveral years ago, I was suffering from a torn hamstring. Knowing that I could easily reinjure myself with an overly aggressive exercise program or by undertaking the wrong kind of exercise, I hired a personal trainer.
aerobic exercise is more effective at reducing harmful belly fat than weight-resistance exercises- mature people running into the surf
Think crunches for belly-fat are just the thing? Think again. The most dangerous type of belly fat"”the kind that resides deep within the abdomen and sneaks into the spaces between internal organs"”laughs in the face of your crunches, weight-lifting and resistance-training in general. A study of adults aged 18-70 found aerobic exercise such as jogging, however, can 'significantly reduce' this fat (also called visceral or liver fat), and decrease your risk of developing heart disease or diabetes.
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