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Take a look at AARP Executive Vice President John Rother's strong response to criticism of Social Security by Washington Post's Robert Samuelson:
AARP released a report today that finds that prices of widely used brand name prescription drugs skyrocketed last year - "skyrocketed" meaning climbed more than eight percent (8%) even while general inflation remained negative. The New York Times covered the findings here.
You may have heard the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report was released today. Below are AARP statements on the report for those interested.
Here is a story from the Wall Street Journal today that discusses the inclusion of a long-term care benefit in the House bill. It's a program that would pay cash to people who become disabled by way of premiums deducted from employee's paychecks - but of course, employees would have the option to…
From Barbranda Walls
Posted today in USA Today's Opinion section was an op-ed by AARP's John Rother on insurance companies engaging in age discrimination by charging higher premiums to seniors than they charge younger consumers.
Today at 1 P.M. Eastern Time, AARP Executive VP John Rother will attend a web chat to answer questions about health care reform.
AARP's John Rother chats with Dr. Val from Revolutions health about all things health care.
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