Johnson & Johnson

Baby talcum powder container on white background
In English | El veredicto de unos $72 millones de un jurado contra Johnson & Johnson, por no haberles advertido a los consumidores acerca del posible riesgo de cáncer que presenta el talco en el polvo de talco de baño y para bebés ha planteado preguntas sobre la seguridad del uso de estos…
Baby talcum powder container on white background
En español | A $72 million jury verdict against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn consumers of a potential cancer risk from talc in baby and bath powder has raised questions about the safety of using these items, especially for feminine hygiene.
Recently I wrote about how Johnson & Johnson inappropriately marketed Risperdal to treat agitation, confusion and other symptoms in older patients with dementia. As if that's not enough, the company's now tentatively agreeing to a $4 billion - yes, that's  billion - settlement with thousands of…
We hear a lot about how older Americans have difficulties with their prescription medications. That makes it all the more disturbing when a pharmaceutical company takes advantage of them by promoting a drug as safe and effective for a certain condition - like, say, dementia - when in fact it may…
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