Junk Food

Hands of a woman refusing to eat a burger and fries
Researchers set out to find out if the typical junk food diet of many Americans had any effect on their short- and long-term memory powers.
I apparently have had diabetes for many years but haven't paid much attention to it other than maybe not eating the third slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and using less than a cup of salt on my french fries. Today, I know better.
Among the big news stories yesterday: The return of Twinkies!
Americans know that obesity is a health crisis, that junk food is far too prevalent and that we can't get ourselves off the couch to exercise, but, hey! Don't you dare try and force us to eat better through government regulation.
Americans are addicted to snacking.
Don't deny it, you know you have those cravings for your favorite junk food -- whether it be cupcakes, candy bars or tastey treats at McDonald's. But how can you fight those cravings away effectively? Carole Carson at AARP has 3 good tips to use. The shortened version:
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