Superfood Kale Fuels Good Health

I’ve recently discovered something new about myself: I have an addiction to kale (well, at least that’s what my husband tells me). I eat it, drink it, write about it. I’ve been known to dream about a particularly delicious

Hail Kale! Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Eat It

We are in the midst of a kale craze. The dark green leafy vegetable is everywhere, from upscale restaurant menus to the grocery store snack food aisle (think kale chips). It’s been called “the new beef” because of its high iron content. It’s been hailed as the “queen of greens” because, well, it’s fun to say. Even the health-conscious White House has gotten in on the trend with a kale salad that was the hit of the Obamas’ Thanksgiving menu …