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Larry Hagman

Suellen says goodbye
They're giving the devil his due Monday night - J.R. Ewing, played to perfection since 1978 by Larry Hagman, will be buried. The episode airing at 9 p.m. ET on TNT, will not disappoint.
Josh Henderson and Linda Gray
"Yes, he's physically gone. But I know he's pulling strings wherever he is, keeping us all on our toes."
A shameless rogue with a conscience that must have been surgically removed at birth, "Dallas" character JR Ewing was envied, loved, despised, almost killed, and yet he was impossible to resist.
Gather your " Dallas" friends, plan your barbeque.  The season finale of TV's No. 1 new cable drama of 2012 gets unveiled Wednesday (8/8) and I can promise you a wealth of captivating  moments.
Patrick Duffy is in Los Angeles, but not for long. On this day, chatting with me for an episode of my Movies for Grownups radio show, , it seems he'd rather be home with his wife on his Oregon ranch. Still, business is business.
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